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My primary wish is to get paid for open source work.

Books I want to read

  1. Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (newest edition) by W. Richard Stevens pub: Addison-Wesley
  2. Design and Implementation of 4.4BSD (latest version)
  3. Advanced UNIX Programming, by Warren W. Gay, published by Sams
  4. (new) Design and Implementation of FreeBSD
  5. UNIX Network Programming - Stevens
  6. (O'Reilly) Perl/Tk Pocket Reference
  7. Unix Power Tools from O'reilly
  8. The UNIX Programming Environment Brian W. Kernighan Robert Pike
  9. Porting Unix Software : From Download to Debug (Nutshell Handbook) by Greg Lehey
  10. Practical Unix and Internet Security by Garfinkel and Spafford
  11. Unix Bible by Lepage and Iarrera

Computer Hardware wanted

None at this time.