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Jeremy! You have already read that book!

I have read thousands of books. I own thousands of books (and I need to someday enter them all into a database). For many years, I have been keeping detailed notes from each book; basically, I write down page numbers and keywords on a bookmark and then when I am finished I look back through the book and write down some detailed notes that I want to remember. At this time, I have a few hundred pages of hand-written notes from books ranging from coaching basketball, sports psychology, marketing, newsletter publishing, Unix administration and more.

This list will help me keep track. This is a far-from-complete list of books I have read the past few years.


  1. Funding a Revolution: Government Support for Computing Research by Committee on Innovations in Computing and Communications: Lessons from History.
  2. Bentson, Randolph. Inside Linux : a look at operating system development. 1996. (Oct. 1999)
  3. Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution. 1999. 1st Ed. (Apr. 2002) (didn't finish -- buy it!)
  4. Fisher, Charles. Red Hat Linux Administration Tools. 2000. (Apr. 2001)
  5. Goerzen, John. Linux Programming Bible. 2000. (Sept. 2000)
  6. Hall, Michael & Proffitt, Brian. The Joy of Linux. 2001. (Apr. 2002)
  7. Holzner, Steven. Perl Core Language. 1999. (Sept. 2000)
  8. Johnson, Michael & Troan, Erik W. Linux Application Development. 1998. (Jan. 2000)
  9. Kernighan, Brian & Ritchie, Dennis. The C Programming Language. 1978.
  10. McKusick, et al. Installing and Operating 4.4BSD UNIX. 1994.
  11. Shah, Steve. Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide. 2000. (Oct. 2000)
  12. Welsh, Matt, Dalheimer, Matthias Kalle, & Kaufmann, Lars. Running Linux. 1999. 3rd ed. (Apr. 2001)
  13. Wilensky, Marshall & Leiden, Candance. TCP/IP for Dummies. 1995. (Summer 1999?)


  14. Aronson, Merry & Spetner, Don. The Public Relation Writer's Handbook. 1993.
  15. Barhydt, James D. Complete Book of Product Publicity. 1987.
  16. Benn, Alec. The 27 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising. 1978.
  17. Benedict, Jeff. The Mormon Way of Doing Business. 2007. (2007)
  18. Bernstein, Jack. The Guide to Selling Advertising Space. 1990.
  19. Clark, Silvana. 101 Tips for Directors: Marketing your Center. 1996.
  20. Cohen, William A. How to make it big as a consultant. 1985.
  21. Cusumano, Michael A. & Yoffie, David B. Competing on Internet Time: Lessons from Netscape and its battle with Microsoft. 1998.
  22. Davidson, Jeffrey P. Marketing on a Shoestring. 1988.
  23. Davidson, Jeffrey P. The Marketing Sourcebook for Small Business. 1989.
  24. Dugan, Eleanor.Sales Letters Ready to Go.
  25. Edwards, Paul & Sarah & Douglas, Laura Clampitt. Getting Business To Come To You. 1991.
  26. Edwards, Paul & Sarah. Making it on your own. 1991.
  27. Edwards, Paul & Sarah. Working from Home. 1990.
  28. Floyd, Elaine. Marketing with newsletters. 1997.
  29. Gosden Jr., Freeman F. Direct Marketing Success.
  30. Graham, John W. & Jones, Susan K. Selling by Direct Mail. 1985.
  31. Holtz, Herman. The Consultant's Guide to Hidden Profits. 1992.
  32. Holtz, Herman. Marketing with seminars and newsletters. 1986.
  33. Horowitz, Shel. Marketing without Megabucks. 1993.
  34. Kuswa, Webster. Sell Copy. 1979.
  35. McLaughlin, Paul. Asking Questions.
  36. Levin, Michael. Guerrilla P.R. 1993.
  37. Levinson, Jay Conrad. Guerrilla Marketing. 1993.
  38. Levinson, Jay Conrad. Guerrilla Marketing Excellence. 1993.
  39. Levinson, Jay Conrad & Godin, Seth. Guerrilla Marketing for the Homebased Business. 1995.
  40. Levinson, Jay Conrad & Godin, Seth. Guerrilla Marketing Handbook. 1994.
  41. Levinson, Jay Conrad & Rubin, Charles. Guerrilla Marketing Online Weapons. 1996.
  42. Maas, Jane. Better Brochures, Catalogs, & Mailing Pieces. 1981.
  43. Nauheim, Ferd. Letter Perfect: How to write business letters that work. 1982.
  44. Putnam, Anthony O. Marketing your Services. 1990.
  45. Ranson, Robert. Advertising is a waste of money. 1994.
  46. Shaw, Lisa. The Under 35 Guide to Starting and Running Your Business. 1996.
  47. Shenson, Howard & Nicholas, Ted. Consulting Success. 1997.
  48. Slutsky, Jeff & Marc. How to get clients. 1992.
  49. Slutsky, Jeff. Street Smart Marketing. 1989.
  50. Sterne, Jim. World Wide Web Marketing. 1995.
  51. Walters, Dottie & Lilly. 101 Simple Things to Grow Your Business. 1996.
  52. Wilcox, Dennis L. & Nolte, Lawrence W. Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques. 1990.
  53. Yudkin, Marcia. Six Steps to Free Publicity. 1994.
  54. Publishing/Journalism/Writing

  55. Arth, Marvin, Ashmore, Helen, & Floyd, Elaine. The Newsletter Editor's Desk Book. 1995.
  56. Bivins, Thomas H. Fundamentals of Successful Newsletters. 1992.
  57. Burroway, Janet. Writing Fiction.
  58. Cardozo, Avery. The Complete Guide to Successful Publishing. 1995.
  59. Cheney, Theodore A. Rees. Writing Creative Nonfiction.
  60. Click, J. William & Baird, Russell N. Magazine Editing & Production. 1990.
  61. Cohler, David Keith. Broadcast Journalism. 1994.
  62. Digregorio, Charlotte. You can be a columnist. 1993.
  63. Evans, Fanny-Maude. Changing Memories into Memoirs.
  64. Fanson, Barbara A. Producing a first-class newsletter. 1994.
  65. Marino, Sal. Business Magazine Publishing. 1993.
  66. Page, Cambell, Meadows. Journal Publishing. 1987.
  67. Poynter, Dan. The Self-Publishing Manual. 1980.
  68. Rachmeler, Susan. ed. Start your own newsletter publishing business. 1995.
  69. Rivers, William L. & Work, Alison R. Writing for Media. 1988.
  70. Ross, Tom & Marilyn. Complete Guide to Self-Publishing. 1994.
  71. Schaeffer, Garry & Allessandra, Tony. Publish and Flourish: A consultant's guide. 1992.
  72. Shepard, Aaron. Aiming at Amazon 2007. (2007)
  73. Miscellaneous

  74. Checklist Manifesto. (Great book)
  75. Wrong: Why experts keep failing us--and how to know when not to trust them.
  76. Refuse to Choose.
  77. Belsky, Scott. Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality.
  78. Bennett, Arnold. How to live on 24 hours a day. 1910. (Nov. 98.)
  79. Bracken, Sam. My Orange Duffel Bag and My Roadmap.
  80. Card, Orson Scott. Danny Ainge. (One of the worst books I have ever read.).
  81. Gladwell, Malcom. Outliers.
  82. Glasser, Gach, Levine. Progressive Video Programming. 1986.
  83. Gutman, Bill. Pistol Pete Maravich: The Making of a Basketball Superstar . 1972.
  84. Haltzman, Scott. The Secrets of Happy Families: Eight Keys to Building a Lifetime of Connection and Contentment.
  85. Jenkins, Joel. (I know him from Marysville, Washington. He writes pulp fiction.)
  86. Jensen, Todd. On gratitude.
  87. Lacey, Walt. Effective Public Speaking.
  88. Libenstine, Margarent. The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One. 2006.
  89. Maravich, Pete. Campbell. Heir to a Dream. (I need to read again. I first read this over 20 years ago. I really want to write a book about him.)
  90. Palfreyman, Ross. Two Years in God's Mormon Army.
  91. Sabin, Louis. Pete Maravich, basketball magician.
  92. Schmidt, Rick. Feature film making at used-car prices. 1988.
  93. Sherman, Eric. Directing the film. 1976.
  94. Walton, Sam. Made in America. (awesome!)
  95. Widfeldt, Bo and Wegmann, Rolph. Making for Sweden, Part 2: The United States Army Air Force- The Story of the Allied Airmen Who Took Sanctuary in Neutral Sweden (My grandfather, Lester Driggers, is in the book.)
  96. Wiseman, Richard. 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute. 2010.
  97. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. (Some not appropriate. I love backpacking. I have only hiked a little -- two weeks -- on that trail though.)

This list is way incomplete ...

Most of my learning is self-taught, through years of constant study and reading. I took a ton of notes from a lot of these books. Most are just the same stories and ideas. And it all seems to be blurring together! I made this list so I could keep track; and it is far from complete. I probably only kept track of about 75 percent -- they had at least a couple good ideas!