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Jeremy C. Reed

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Please contact me for my official resume.

The following is my verbose report about my education, qualifications, and work experiences.

This is categorized into several sections:
 Specialized Skills
 Lectures / Teaching Experience
 Computer/Internet Experience
 Journalism Experience
 Coaching Experience
 Activities and Interests



Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism (concentration in Computer Science), Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington. December 1998.

Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree in Physical Education, Treasure Valley Community College, Ontario, Oregon. June 1996.

Attended many lectures at conferences and user group meetings, etc. Majority of education from personal research and study; have read hundreds of books covering small business management, marketing, public relations, newspaper/newsletter/magazine/book publishing, writing, entrepreneurship, sales etc.



  1. Beginning HTML Workshop, WWU Journalism Dept. (1998)
  2. Beginning HTML Workshop, WWU Journalism Dept. (1998)
  3. Beginning Linux Administration, EvCC (Jan-Feb/2001)
  4. Protecting Children on the Internet (14/Mar/2001)
  5. FreeBSD and Unix Fundamentals class (Jun/2001)
  6. Unix Shell Essentials, EvCC (Oct-Dec/2001)
  7. Mail Server Workshop/Using Exim (18/Mar/2002)
  8. What is BSD? presentation (Apr/2002)
  9. Intro to Unix Security workshop (22/Apr/2002)
  10. What is Linux? What is Open Source presentation (23/May/2002)
  11. Apache workshop (06/Jun/2002)
  12. DNS and BIND workshop (24/Jun/2002)
  13. Exim MTA workshop (24/Aug/2002)
  14. Unix Security workshop (24/Aug/2002)
  15. Intro to Samba workshop (18/Sep/2002)
  16. Intro to Apache workshop (28/Oct/2002)
  17. What is BSD? presentation (04/Dec/2002)
  18. NetBSD administration class (Dec/2002)
  19. Intro to Linux and open source class (17/Dec/2002)
  20. Apache admin class (20/Jan/2003)
  21. FreeBSD admin class (Jan/2003)
  22. FreeBSD admin class (Jan/2003)
  23. Linux/Unix security class (03/Feb/2003)
  24. Building Linux distro from Scratch presentation (08/Feb/2003)
  25. NetBSD administration class (Mar/2003)
  26. Apache admin class (Mar/2003)
  27. Intro to Linux class (Mar/2003)
  28. Intro to Linux and Open source class (09/Apr/2003)
  29. Intro to Postfix workshop (Apr/2003)
  30. What is BSD? presentation (Apr/2003)
  31. FreeBSD administration class (Jun/2003)
  32. Samba workshop (29/Jul/2003)
  33. OpenBSD administration class (Sep/2003)
  34. Unix boot scripts lecture (Sep/2003)
  35. File integrity checking lecture (Nov/2003)
  36. FreeBSD administration class (Jan/2004)
  37. FreeBSD administration class (Feb/2004)
  38. Linux administration class (Mar/2004)
  39. What is open source? presentation (30/Mar/2004)
  40. Intro to Pkgsrc lecture (Apr/2004)
  41. What is BSD? lecture (11/May/2004)
  42. What is BSD? lecture (15/May/2004)
  43. Intro to Pkgsrc lecture (17/Jun/2004)
  44. Apache administration class (Jun/2004)
  45. FreeBSD class (Jul/2004)
  46. Blackbox, IceWM and taskbars, mini-lecture, SeaBUG meeting (16/Sep/2004)
  47. Unix documentation formats and LyX lecture, GSLUG (9/Oct/2004)
  48. Unix Shell Essentials class (Dec/2004)
  49. Unix Documentation Formats, SeaBUG (20/Jan/2005)
  50. FreeBSD system administration class (Dec/2004)
  51. FreeBSD system administration class (Mar/2005)
  52. FreeBSD system administration class (Mar/2005)
  53. What is BSD? lecture, LinuxFest NW (30/Apr/2005)
  54. Intro to Pkgsrc lecture, LinuxFest NW (30/Apr/2005)
  55. FreeBSD and Unix system administration class (May/2005)
  56. Unix Shell Essentials class (Jun/2005)
  57. Linux system administration class (Jul/2005)
  58. Linux security course (Aug/2005)
  59. FreeBSD system administration class (Sep/2005)
  60. FreeBSD system administration class (Mar/2006)
  61. What is BSD?, LFNW 2006 (Apr. 29, 2006)
  62. BIND DNS/DNSSEC class, Dallas (Apr. 2008)
  63. Intro to DNSSEC, CACTUS (Jul. 17, 2008)
  64. Intro to DNSSEC, DFWUUG (Aug. 7, 2008)
  65. Intro to DNSSEC, NYCBSDCon 2008 (Oct. 11, 2008)
  66. Intro and Advanced DNS and BIND Training, Fort Worth (Feb. 2009)
  67. BIND DNS/DNSSEC class (March 2009)
  68. Intro and Advanced DNS and BIND Training (Aug. 2009)
  69. BSD History, NYCBSDCon 2010 (Nov. 13, 2010)
  70. Intro to DNSSEC, Texas Linux Fest 2011 (Austin) (April 2, 2011)
  71. Experiences with GIT (Apr. 20, 2011)
  72. Build and Test Environment (Nov. 16, 2011)
  73. Intro to DNSSEC, BSDCan 2012 (May 11, 2012)
  74. Intro to Pkgsrc, BSDCan 2013 (May 2013)


Consultant/Trainer, Puget Sound Technology, Jan. 2001 - 2008, 2016 - present. Provide consulting, remote administration, and training services covering GNU/Linux and *BSD operating systems. Tasks and classes related to Unix and open source administration. Plan, implement and maintain production systems (supporting tens of thousands of users). Security and system audits. Also, develop and maintain open source code, packages, and documentation.

Member of Board of Directors, The NetBSD Foundation, Inc. 2009 - present. NetBSD is the oldest continuously maintained complete open source operating system. As a go-to reference implementation for a classic multipurpose operating system, it is widely reused in many products. Over the years, the foundation has had a few hundred official developers. In addition to oversight, as a board member did a wide range of supervisory, executive, and administrative work, including related to fundraising, trademarks, copyrights and licensing, development contracts, etc.

Member of Board of Directors, BSD Certification Group, Inc. Various tasks, including Job Task Analysis prior to the BSDA.

Support Engineer / Documentation Specialist / Trainer / Release Manager / QA Manager, Internet Systems Consortium, Feb. 2008 - Sep. 2016. Official maintainer of the most widely-used DNS software and DHCP server implementations.

Website Development/Unix Admin, Feb. 2000 - June 2002. Website development, programming, server (BSD) maintenance for a few websites under the's Open Source channel.

Unix Admin/MIS Tech,, Everett, Wash. July 1999 - Nov. 2000. Update DNS, configure email, Apache webserver, et cetera for a website hosting/dial-up provider. Maintain BSD/OS servers responsible for supporting 4,900 dialup users, over 150 domain websites and over 1100 user websites. Administer BSD/OS mail server responsible for handling e-mail for over 6000 users. Also maintain domain hosted sites on Windows NT 4.0 running IIS. Provide second-level support for internal computer problems and customer problems.

Unix/Computer Consultant. October 1997 - present. Designed various websites; online promotion; general maintenance; software and hardware installation; software design; BSD and Linux installations; network development; server maintenance. Maintain BSD- and Linux-based servers for website and email hosting providers.

Unix Admin,, August 1999 - August 2000. Maintain Linux-based servers for website and email hosting provider.

Website Development/Management, Whatcom News, Bellingham, Wash. November 1997 - June 2000. Developed website; implemented advertising software; posting of stories; manage resource directory.

Website Development/Management, Top Recruits: Girls Basketball Recruits Online. March 1998 - September 1999. Developed members-only website, online purchasing system; created mailing list; implemented banner ad software, developed searchable and sortable databases; updated site with stories; managed resource directory.

Online Editor, The Western Front, Western Washington University. June 1998 - December 1998. Posted stories and photos from print newspaper to the web; taught basic publishing; maintained listserve; implemented usage statistics software.

Teacher's Assistant, Computer Science 102: Computer-mediated Communications, Western Washington University. September 1998 - December 1998. Led labs and evaluated assignments covering advanced Internet researching, FTP, basic HTML and website composers.

Website Maintenance, Journalism Department, Western Washington University. Summer 1998. Updated and added several webpages.

Online Consultant, Western Region Campus Compact Consortium, Bellingham, Wash. September 1997 - September 1998. Created website, developed searchable database of Consortium grants; general website maintenance; maintained listserve.

Workshop Teacher, Journalism Department, Western Washington University. Spring 1998. Taught advanced web browser usage, FTP, basic HTML and webpage designing.

Online Editor, Klipsun magazine, Western Washington University. September 1997 - March 1998. Posted stories and photos from print magazine to the web.


Publisher / Editor / Author / Co-Author. Reed Media Services. Published 11 books in print (and some in ebook formats). Collaborated with multiple authors.

Managing Editor, BSD July 2002 - present. Write and publish news and feature articles covering BSD and open source software; work with freelancers; manage website development and backend administration.

Courseware Writer, Puget Sound Technology, Marysville, Wash. Jan. 2001 - present. Develop and write courseware for various Unix, Linux, BSD and open source classes and workshops. Generate courseware in Postscript (for printing) and PDF and HTML for online.

Editor, BSD Today; Feb. 2000 - Jun. 2002. Writing, editorial, website development, programming, server (BSD and Linux) administration maintenance for a few websites under's Open Source channel, including LinuxToday, Solaris Guide, Apache Today, PHP Builder, LinuxApps, and others. Worked with freelancers, handled freelancing contracts, scheduled interviews with PR firms. Developed and implemented online article feedback/discussion software.

Publisher/Editor, Whatcom News, Bellingham, Wash.. November 1997 - June 2000. Solicited media releases from local organizations; editing of press releases; advertising sales; develop partnerships.

Reporter, BugNet, Sumas, Wash. August 1998 - February 2000. Research software and hardware bug reports; write items for database; copy editing. Basic webpage development. Wrote bug reports used in newsletter and syndicated BugNet articles.

Publisher/Editor, Top Recruits: Girls Basketball Recruits Online. February 1998 - September 1999. Worked with freelancers; solicited media releases from related organizations; membership sales; advertising sales; copy editing; public relations; general reporting.

Publisher/Editor, Reed's Digest. February 1998 - September 1998. Girls basketball recruiting report and analysis. Worked with freelancers; sales; copy editing; advertising sales; layout in Quark Xpress. (one-time print magazine)

Freelance writing. January 1997 - present.

Online Editor, The Western Front, Western Washington University. June 1998 - December 1998. Worked with editors and staff on story ideas and general newspaper management.

Online Editor, Klipsun magazine, Western Washington University. September 1997 - March 1998. Worked with editors and staff.

Staff Reporter, The Western Front, Western Washington University. June 1997 - December 1997. Wrote general news and sports articles; compiled Associated Press reports; compiled police department reports.

Publisher/Editor, The Prep Report: Washington State High School Basketball. December 1996 - January 1998. Published ten (print) newsletters; wrote media releases for radio and newspapers; direct marketing; general reporting.


College Assistant Coach, Mens basketball team, Treasure Valley Community College, Ontario, OR. June 1995 - June 1996. Led weight-training and conditioning; developed practice plans; coached scout team; taught individual and team skills.

Basketball Camp Coach, JH/HS boys skills camp at Western Washington University, Bellingham, Wash. (Summer 1997).

Basketball Camp Coach, JH/HS girls and boys position skills camp at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Wash. (Summer 1996).

Co-Coach, 12-under and 14-under select boys teams, DFW area, Texas. 2013 - present. Helped run practices and coached games in several leagues for multiple teams.

Assistant Coach, C (6th grade) and B (6/7/8 grades) boys teams, Westlake Academy, Texas. 2013 - 2014 season. Helped run practices and coached games in two leagues. (Head/only coach at some games. In later years, assisted in practices.)

Coach, Keller (Texas) Youth Association. 2008. Coached practices and games for boys around 5th grade level for recreation league.

Coach, 14-under select boys team, Marysville, Wash. January 1993 - August 1993. Organized practices; rented facilities; taught individual and team skills.

Coach, Marysville (Wash.) Parks Department. 1992 - 1994, 2004-2005. Coached several youth basketball teams.

Coach, Marysville (Wash.) Junior Athletic Association. 1989 - 1992. Coached several youth basketball teams.




Camp Staff, Everett (Wash.) Parks and Recreation Dept. Summer 1995. Organized and led activities (sports, games and crafts) for children.

Camp Staff, Fire Mountain Scout Reservation, Mt. Vernon, Wash. Summer 1988. Taught wilderness survival skills.

Please contact me for my official updated resume.