Jeremy C. Reed

Software Experiences and Skills

Last updated: Nov. 22, 2005

My Interesting Software Experiences
My Software Skills Chart

The following are incomplete lists of various software I have worked with professionally, as a developer, and as an end-user. This doesn't include every individual Unix tool that I have used, but mostly by project/suite names. This also doesn't include all my programming experiences.

My Interesting Software Experiences

My Software Skills Chart

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Please note that this doesn't list many softwares and libraries installed that are prerequisites for other software. Also in most cases, the software is installed by building from original source code.

a2ps postscript merging, postscript generation
Abiword installation, normal usage, basic Windows document formats conversion
ALSA packaging (libraries and utilities)
Apache 1.x ($) installation, configuration, virtual hosts, wrote courseware, taught several workshops and classes, updates for NetBSD's package system for security issues, administration for over 400 domains
Apache 2.x ($) installation, configuration, virtual hosts, wrote courseware, taught several workshops and classes, updates for NetBSD's package system for security issues
Apache Bench (ab) benchmarking ($), packaging
apt ($) use of apt-* tools under Debian to update and upgrade systems, etc. Also built kernel packages.
audacity installation and basic usage for audio editing
autoconf/automake utilize for build portability, port software to use automake/autoconf
awk ($) installation, programming with awk, use with shell scripting (nawk, gawk, mawk)
balsa installation
bc packaging
bin86 packaging
BIND 8/named ($) installation, configuration, primary, secondary, over 400+ zones, training
BIND 9/named ($) installation, configuration, primary, secondary, over 400+ zones, training
blackbox window manager installation, configuration, porting, coding patches
bluefish installation
Boa webserver installation and configuration, virtual domains, CGI
bochs installation, configuration, Linux and *BSD emulation under Linux and *BSD, testing installers
bozohttpd installation
bzip2/bunzip2 compression of files
cadaver ($) installation, WebDAV connections and file transfers
calamaris ($) installation and setup for squid report generation
cawf packaging, configuration
cdparanoia CD to audio conversion
cinelerra packaging
cdrtools installation, creating ISOs, burning CDs
clamav ($) troubleshooting
com_err packaging
cpio (GNU) packaging, patching, usage ($)
cron (Vixie) packaging, administration ($), training ($)
CUPS installation ($), configuration ($), administration ($), patching
cvs client-side usage, commits, imports, updates, etc. (Commit access for various open source projects.)
cxunzip packaging
dhcpd installation ($), packaging (ISC), configuration (including for network booting of boot images) ($)
doclifter installation, use for converting manpages to docbook
DragonFly installation, configuration, administration, documentation writing, packaging, developer for DragonFly project, patching
e2fsprogs installation, packaging, patching
elinks installation, configuration, usage
Ensim migration of virtual hosts configurations and data (including users) ($)
evolution installation
exim filter ($) anti-spam, anti-virus solutions
exim training ($), migration ($), configurations ($), administration ($) for over 5000 users, packaging, patching
exiscan ($) anti-spam, anti-virus solutions
fbpanel packaging
festival basic configuration for speech synthesis
firefox ($) installation, configuration
Flash (Macromedia) packaging, installation ($)
fontconfig ($) installation, configuration
FreeBSD ($) installation, configuration, administration, upgrades, training, building, create ports
freefonts packaging, installation (also packaging for XFree86 fonts)
fressh patching, installation (including Linux), packaging
FTP ($) various clients and servers, installation, administration, porting OpenBSD ftpd to BSD/OS, patching (tnftpd and tnftp)
gaim packaging, basic usage
GCC packaging, configuration of GCC spec files, portability patching for other software built with gcc, used to build software ($)
gcompris packaging
GD installation, use in development
gethost development (I am the maintainer), packaging
gettext (GNU) packaging
Gimp installation, basic usage for image design, manipulation and conversions
GNATS manage problem reports
GNOME installation
gnutime installation, packaging
GPG installation, generate keys, upload and retrieve keys, encrypt/decrypt messages
gphoto installation, usage with different cameras
GRAMPS packaging
GRUB installation, configuration ($)
htdig installation
html2ps installation, basic usage
ImageMagick ($) installation, basic image conversions and manipulation
imap-uw installation, packaging, administration ($)
impress installation, use to design flyers
inetd installation ($), configuration ($), packaging, training ($)
inkscape installation, patching, packaging
IP Filter ($) kernel configuration for ipf, address translation (ipnat), packet filtering, logging, training
IP Tables installation, packaging, kernel configuration for netfilter, address translation, packet filtering
ipchains ($) address translation (nat/masquerading), packet filtering
KDE installation, configurations
Kerberos installation, packaging (mit-krb5)
kermit basic usage
koffice installation
latex2html installation, packaging, basic usage
libwpd ($) patching, packaging, document conversion
libxml++ packaging, patching
LILO installation, packaging, configuration ($), patching
links installation, configuration, usage
Linux (various distributions) ($) installation, configuration, administration, upgrades, trainer, development of distro from scratch
Linux kernel configuration ($), building ($), kernel module building ($), module configuration ($), kernel patching ($), packaging (including kernel headers packaging)
Linux-hotplug packaging
linux-kbd packaging
logcheck ($) installation, configuration
lpd installation, configuration, patching (for using filter processing locally)
lsof ($) installation, use for troubleshooting
LTSP ($) installation, configurations, customization to run window manager and all applications on thinclients. (Also have used *BSD as host for Linux thinclients.)
lynx installation, configuration, usage
LyX packaging, configuration, installation, use for brochures, PDF generation, books, courseware ($), presentations, etc.
mailout development (I am maintainer), installation ($)
mailwrapper installation (including on Linux) and configuration ($)
makedev (for Linux) packaging, patching
man-db packaging, patching, configuration ($)
mhonarc configuration to create daily email list archives
micro_httpd installation and setup
mini_httpd installation and setup
mktemp installation, use in scripting
mod_ssl ($) installation, Apache configuration, SSL cert generation
module-init-tools (and modutils) packaging, usage ($), patching
mozilla installation, configuration
mtree installation (including Linux), specification creating, file integrity checking, directory permissions setting
mutt basic usage and configuration
MySQL ($) installation, basic troubleshooting, administration
nautilus installation
netatalk ($) installation, configuration
NetBSD ($) installation, configuration, administration, upgrades, developer for NetBSD, trainer, patching
net-tools packaging, usage ($), patching
netkit-base packaging, configuration ($)
NFS server and client side ($), packaging (linux-nfs-utils)
nmap ($) installation, usage, beginning training
Ogg Vorbis patching, packaging, audio conversion
Open WebMail ($) installation, configuration, patching for use with virtual hosting
OpenBSD ($) installation, configuration, administration, upgrades, trainer
OpenLDAP ($) installation, configuration, integration with Active Directory
OpenSSL ($) installation, certification generation for Apache HTTPS (and training), digest generation
Oracle ($) installation under Red Hat Linux 7.x
PAM installation from source, configurations, troubleshooting, development using pam_*(3), packaging (Linux-PAM)
passepartout packaging, patching
patch (and diff) ($) create and use patches, submit patches to various projects
pax packaging, patching
perl installation from source, development ($), scripting ($), CGI ($), etc.
PGP installation, generate keys, upload and retrieve keys, encrypt/decrypt messages
pico daily usage, packaging, installation ($)
pine user and system-wide configuration, patching, packaging, roles
pkgconfig generate and use pkg-config files
pkgsrc maintenance, security updates, create new packages ($), support ($), porting for Linux, BSD/OS, DragonFly, Mac OS X ($), and Solaris ($)
png patching (for security)
portsentry installation, configuration (including dynamic firewalling)
postfix ($) training, migrations, installations, configurations, administration, backup MX
Postgresql ($) installation, basic troubleshooting, administration
ppp packaging, configuration
procmail anti-spam implementations
procps packaging, usage ($)
qhacc packaging
qmail ($) installation, migrations, administration
qpopper ($) installation, administration for over 6000 email accounts
rsync ($) daily mirrors, backups, SSH key setup for automations
rt3 ($) basic troubleshooting
samba client and server administration ($), configurations ($), installation, ($) packaging (samba3), training ($)
scribus packaging, patching, PDF generation
sendmail ($) migrations, installations, configurations, maintenance, administration for over 6000 accounts, log analysis
shadow packaging, usage ($)
slrn installation
snort ($) installation, configuration
sox audio conversion
spamassassin ($) installations, configurations, administration for over 5000 accounts
squid ($) installation, configuration
ssh ($) server installation, client and server configurations, SSH troubleshooting, SSH key generation, training
strace packaging, use for troubleshooting run-time issues ($)
Stronghold ($) installation, configuration, administration for over 400 domains
subversion installation (client usage), client-side usage
stunnel ($) installation, use for tunneling POP3
sysklogd packaging, configuration ($), patching
sysvinit packaging, configuration ($)
tar (gnutar) packaging, patching
taskbar packaging
TCP Wrappers (libwrap) ($) configuration, installation, training
tcsh installation, basic configuration
tgif basic usage for flyers
thttpd ($) patching, troubleshooting
thunderbird installation
tidy HTML cleanup
tr2latex packaging
tuxpaint installation
tuxtype2 packaging
Unix ($) various, taught Unix administration, fundamentals and shell essentials classes
util-linux packaging, usage ($)
vi (nvi and vim) daily usage, configurations
vm-pop3d ($) installation, packaging, patching, development (I am maintainer), administration for over 5000 email accounts
vpopmail ($) configuration, troubleshooting
webalizer ($) installation, configuration, automated for daily webserver log analysis
webmin ($) installation
whois use in troubleshooting DNS ($), packaging (md-whois) (Xorg X11 Windowing System) installation, configuration, packaging (both monolithic and modular)
xanim installation
xcdroast installation, use with audio ripping and burning and ISOs
xdm installation, configuration, packaging (included with other X packaging), patching
XFCE installation, configurations
xfig installation, design flyers
XFree86 installation, configuration ($), maintenance, ported some XFree86 libraries to use autoconf for xlibs, packaging, training ($)
xinetd ($) installation, configuration
xisp configuration, packaging
xlibs installation, coding, porting, packaging, developer for xlibs
xmms installation, basic usage
xpaint installation
xspread packaging, patching
xv installation, image processing, screenshots, etc.
xvidcap packaging
yacc (byacc) packaging
yp packaging (yp-tools, ypbind-mt, and ypserv)
zip/unzip ($) use of zipped files from Windows/DOS systems under Unix