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I write, co-author, edit, and publish books, newsletters, and articles. I earned my bachelors degree in journalism from Western Washington University.


I have also wrote content for other books, courseware and documentation, edited several books, and published over ten book titles (written by other authors). See a list of books published by my wife's and my company at

I am currently authoring several books, including about DNS, NetBSD, BSD history, J.J. Barea, ...

Articles, stories or papers written

This is an incomplete list of various articles I have written.

(TODO: list some of my BSD Mag and other more recent magazine articles here.)

Old 1BSD software used today
The first BSD -- the Berkeley UNIX Software Tape -- provided a variety of useful programs and utilities for UNIX circa 1977. ... some of the then new programs are still included with BSD systems today ...

Quickly installing OpenBSD 3.3
This article goes through the steps of an OpenBSD 3.3 installation. The installer is a text-based interface and, in most cases, is quick and easy to complete.

Wind River terminating BSD/OS
Wind River has sent letters to BSD/OS customers saying that the October release of BSD/OS 5.1 ISE will be the final release and that they are initiating the retirement phase for all of Wind River BSD/OS-based products.

Alternative.OS: What's inside a Linux distribution, anyhow?
Computer Source Magazine, Sept. 2003.

SANS awards Information Security Leadership Award to OpenBSD
The SANS Institute recognizes OpenBSD for its leadership in operating system and network security.

SCO: We are not talking about BSD code
The SCO Groups says they confirm the fact that the Linux 2.4 kernel contains hundreds of files taken directly from their code. "If all was removed, Linux would have no enterprise use."

FreeBSD forked: DragonFly
(Short news article.)

Linux and Main: Grassroots LinuxFest Northwest a Success
More than 1,000 people visited Linuxfest Northwest 2003 in Bellingham, Washington, USA, April 26. The grassroots, volunteer-organized event provided various lectures, classes and booths covering a wide range of open source topics, both introductory and advanced. (dead?)
Local: writing/lfnw-2003-wrapup.html

Open Source: FreeBSD. We're serious
Computer Source magazine, March 2003.

Open Source: OpenBSD. No, really
Computer Source magazine, February 2003.

Open Source: Serving DNS using BIND
Computer Source magazine, January 2003.

Open Source: Understanding domain name servers
Computer Source magazine, December 2002.

Introducing NetBSD (Title lost?)
Tekbug magazine, November? 2002.

Open Source: The Apache Project
This article introduces the Apache webserver with brief history, open source licensing, installation, Apache modules, configuration, logs, and scalability.
November 20, 2002, Computer Source Magazine

Open Source: Moving Over
This article introduces several free software for common home and office tasks that are friendly to use for users new to open source and Unix.
Computer Source Magazine October 18, 2002

Wasabi ports NetBSD to the SuperH 64-bit SH-5 processor
Wasabi Systems announced completion of a port of NetBSD to the 64-bit SH-5 processor from SuperH, Inc., on the Cayman Development System. (Article partially based on press releases.)

NetBSD version 1.6 released
A major release from the 1.5 to 1.6 series, NetBSD 1.6 incorporates various new technological improvements and additions developed, integrated, and tested during the past year and a half. The last formal release of NetBSD was version 1.5.3 in July, 2002. The highly portable operating system now supports ten more hardware platforms.

Donating to the BSDs
Do you have a spare DEC Alpha or SGI O2 machine? This article quickly shares some notes and several links about donating to FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.

Taking MicroBSD for a test run
MicroBSD is an OpenBSD fork that adds a variety of different security features, such as binary integrity verification, TrustedBSD ACLs and more. This article discusses the installation and tests some of the special features.

It's all about the vectors
This article quickly explains vector graphics and reviews a few open source vector graphics editors: tgif, kontour, and sketch.
Computer Source magazine, September 2002, pages 27-28.

Sangoma pioneers WANPIPE ADSL card to support FreeBSD
According to Sangoma, they offer the only useable internal ADSL support for FreeBSD. The PCI 2.2 card and software supports PPP over Ethernet and ATM, Ethernet over ATM, and IP over ATM.

NetBSD's /bin and /sbin to use shared libraries
NetBSD-current will have a fully dynamic-linked base system. Static built rescue executables still available.

Upgrading to FreeBSD 4.6.2 using sysinstall
This article quickly reviews some steps using sysintall to upgrade to FreeBSD's maintenance release, 4.6.2-RELEASE.

Hard core: System Lockdown 101: Are you ready?
Simple guidelines to prevent intruders from invading your server. This article shares several techniques for improving and maintaining Unix system security.
Tekbug Seattle magazine, August 12, 2002, page 15.

Trolltech to release distributed compilation software for FreeBSD
Trolltech has network-based, distributed compilation software that supports cross-compilation.

Image indexing and pattern recognition software development kit for NetBSD and FreeBSD
Convera recently announced support for NetBSD, FreeBSD and Darwin for its image indexing and pattern recognition software development kit.

The hidden power of BSD!
BSD is a potent alternative to Linux and Microsoft's Windows.
Computer Source magazine, August 2002, pages 27-28.

Speed surfing with graphical Links
The text-based Links web-browser now has a graphical mode and interprets Javascript. This article quickly shares some first-hand impressions with the new Links.

NetBSD 1.5.3 maintenance release officially available
The NetBSD Project released a maintenance release for its stable 1.5 branch. In the ten months since the last release of the NetBSD 1.5 branch, various improvements, new hardware support, and a few security fixes have been integrated.

New FreeBSD core team to work on project direction
As of July 8, the FreeBSD project has had a new core team which was elected by active FreeBSD committers.

Network risk assessment software targets OpenBSD
The new CORE IMPACT software release includes attack modules for compromising and using OpenBSD systems. "The OpenBSD Syscall server provides functionality to call any available system call in the compromised system. This server is used to make IMPACT modules interact with the compromised system."

Comparing BSD/OS and NetBSD (part one)
This series of articles quickly shares several of the similarities and important differences between BSD/OS and NetBSD. This article explains what's installed, what's running, and gives a few examples of basic configurations.

The case for open source (Hard Core: open source, closed minds)
A quick introduction to open source, licensing, and benefits. Sidebars: reasons for developing and using open source; and lists of software alternatives.
Tekbug Seattle magazine, July 15, 2002, page 16.

Potential buffer overflow in DNS resolvers
A potential buffer overflow in some DNS resolvers has been found. Possibly arbitary code could be executed running with the permissions of an application using the resolver.

OpenSSH fixes security hole
OpenSSH 3.4 fixes an input validation error that can result in an integer overflow and privilege escalation. (This bug is in versions of OpenSSH's sshd between 2.3.1 and 3.3.)

FreeBSD 4.6 released
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Word processing with or without Word
"As you can see, there are a variety of solutions for using Microsoft Word documents under open source Unix operating systems."
Computer Source magazine, July 2002, pages 28-30.

Stable packages (ports) collections
This article discusses a couple methods for ensuring that the ports (packages) collections are better tested and provide "stable" working packages.

Linux and BSD to the power of X (Something about Unix) An article about X, toolkits and several brief synopses of popular window managers.
Computer Source magazine, June 2002, pages 28-30.

OpenBSD 3.1 released
OpenBSD officially released version 3.1 of its operating system on Sunday. This release offers loadable kernel modules support on ELF platforms, fixes some potential signal handler race issues, and supports Creative SB Live! cards.

Perl removed from base FreeBSD sources
"Remove the perl build. Farewell, old friend." The first FreeBSD that won't have perl in its base sources will be 5.0-RELEASE. Perl will continue to be maintained and available via the FreeBSD ports collection.

We go over your head to kill spam dead
About DNS-based blackhole lists for blocking spam and some of the benefits and controversy around them.
Tekbug Seattle magazine, May 13, 2002, page 12.

OpenBSD local root compromise found and fixed
The 2.9 and 3.0 versions of OpenBSD had an issue with mail(1) that could be locally exploited to gain root privileges. The problem was announced to a few security forums with ideas for implementing an exploit. The -current version was fixed a few days ago, and OpenBSD provided patches for 2.9 and 3.0 yesterday.

"It has Excel and Word"
A couple weeks ago, I switched my in-laws from Windows to NetBSD. This article covers a half-day experience with installing and preparing it for their use.

Vulnerability in Apache for Win32 batch file processing
Apache 1.3.24 was released. It fixes a remote command execution vulnerability.

Flaws found in PHP leave web servers open to attack
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Mounting a USB flash card reader
This article quickly shows how to configure NetBSD for using a SanDisk ImageMate for reading CompactFlash cards commonly used for storing photos on digital cameras.

FreeBSD 4.5 has been released
Since FreeBSD 4.4 was released in September, hundreds of fixes and improvements have been made.

Caldera offers several ancient UNIX versions under a BSD-style license
A letter from Caldera's Licensing Services says the fee-free license allows the right to use, modify and distribute the source code or binaries for UNIX operating systems that work on the 16-bit PDP-11 CPU (V1-7) and some early versions of 32-bit UNIX.

Debian runs on NetBSD
The discussion on the debian-bsd mailing list and the work on a Debian system using a BSD kernel (and some userland) continues.

Book Review: FreeBSD: An Open-Source Operating System For Your Personal Computer
This book by Annelise Anderson and published by The Bit Tree Press contains over 400 pages of step-by-step directions for installing, configuring, maintaining and using FreeBSD.

NetBSD's pkgsrc to support Darwin
Initial support for Darwin has been added to NetBSD's packages collection. (Short news article; no by-line.)

Wind River and FreeBSD's relationship ending
"FreeBSD came along for the ride and ... gave Wind River a pulpit in the open source community. ... At this time, we won't be providing financial aid for FreeBSD."

What is the current story with BSD/OS?
Several BSD/OS customers say the reasonable support costs and the proven, easy-to-use patch and update system are the main reasons to use the commercial BSD/OS. But according to a variety of postings on the BSD/OS users mailing list this past several months, there has been a lot of confusion with BSD/OS software pricing and support plans.

Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice ...
An article at Slashdot, titled "IP Theft in the Linux Kernel", says that some of the Linux kernel source used Søren Schmidt's BSD-licensed code without retaining the copyright.

Apache Tomcat 4.0 Final Released
Apache Tomcat 4.0, which implements the new features of the new Servlet 2.3 and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2 specifications, was officially announced on September 17.

Great Bridge closes after failing to identify a qualified investor or acquirer
"We remain convinced that open source solutions, and in particular the PostgreSQL database, present compelling and viable alternatives for business computing."

Editor's Note: Debian/BSD (BSD Today Newsletter for July 27, 2001)
On the debian-linux mailing lists, there has been a lot of discussion about what the goals of Debian/BSD should be. I'll cover those briefly here.

Fixes for the telnetd buffer overflow problem
Fixes are available for BSD/OS, FreeBSD and NetBSD for the recent TESO-announced telnet daemon vulnerability. (OpenBSD appears to not be vulnerable.)

NetBSD 1.5.1 released
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Upcoming FreeBSD release dates and 5.0 goals
(Short news article; no by-line.)

OpenBSD fixes possible local root compromise
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Interview with Wietse Venema about his tcp_wrappers license
The IP Filter code license has the same "Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted" statement as Venema's tcp_wrappers code. This article is an interview with Venema to explain his licensing.

BSD project goals, IP Filter licensing, and Darren Reed interview
The IP Filter licensing agreement never mentioned permission to "modify" and a license on a beta, testing version clarified this. OpenBSD removed IP Filter from their current source tree because it did not meet their freedom requirements. This article quickly explains freedom requirements as explained from the NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD websites. In addition, this article shares some comments from contacts from the three projects, and several comments from Darren Reed in regards to some questions I sent him.

Installing BIND8 via the OpenBSD ports
This article shares the basic steps with examples for installing BIND 8 via the OpenBSD 2.8 ports tree.

IP Filter License Change?
"Yes, this means that derivitive or modified works are not permitted without the author's prior consent."

Status update on
(Short news article; no by-line.)

FSMLabs announces RTL/BSD
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Editor's Note: The Joy of Open Source (BSD Today Newsletter for April 13, 2001)
I sure find it useful to have the source code for almost all the software I use. It helps me almost every day in a variety of ways ...

FreeBSD 4.3 is now in release candidate mode
The official 4.3-RELEASE is planned for April 15.

FreeBSD fixes remote denial of service problems in rwhod and timed
(Short news article; no by-line.)

File transfer options -- Part 2: WinSCP

Letter to Editor of Dr. Dobb's Journal
Published in May 2001 edition.

Linux compatibility enabled for NetBSD/PowerPC
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Ogg Vorbis, cdparanoia and ripping
This article shares my experiences with building an Ogg Vorbis player, converting MP3s to Ogg Vorbis format, and then creating audio files from my music CDs. "The technology is patent-free, the code is open source, plugins for various popular audio players are available, and now the library code has been changed to use the BSD license."

PostgreSQL 7.1 full release planned for March 15th
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Is your web server running unnecessary software?
An article about removing unneeded software with examples for BSD systems: "Usually the default installations of popular Unix-like operating systems start up a bunch of useful, possibly useful and entirely unuseful programs all running in the background."
Old URL:

Updating a BSD/OS system with mods
BSDi's BSD/OS has an easy-to-use system for updating a system with important fixes. It is especially useful for administrators who do not want to compile code. In addition, the BSD/OS patches are able to back out to undo changes.

Editor's Note: BSD Certification? (BSD Today Newsletter for February 23, 2001)
"... a certification program can: create industry recognition, help students know where to begin, ..."

NetBSD now available for StrongARM-based PDAs
(Short news article; no by-line.)

BIND news and DNS alternatives
"Lately, there's been a lot of news about BIND. ... What are the alternatives?"

Tucows BSD Channel is no more
Thanks to the "vehement personal beliefs and attitudes prevail among certain pockets of the BSD collective" the BSD Channel on Tucows has been closed down. Why?

File transfer options -- Part I: Secure iXplorer

NetBSD ported to Hitachi SH-based Windows CE PDA machines
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Process accounting with lastcomm and sa
Do you ever wonder what commands are running on your system? Do you want to find the time a particular command was executed? Or do you want to analyze your server's performance? By enabling process accounting you can find information about previously executed commands and past system resource usage.

A lot of misinformation about BSD
A posting to the NetBSD advocacy mailing list brought my attention to a few BSD reviews at a major software download site. These articles had a few significant problems and misinformation; and they also shared some valuable feedback.

Growth of ports collections
The "NetBSD growth compared to FreeBSD and OpenBSD" analysis has been updated with recent information on the number of third-party software packages for OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD.

Running numerous operating systems at the same time
"I want to give people a good tool so they can enjoy running better operating systems, yet have access to their existing base of apps." This article discusses plex98 and virtualization and emulation.

Possible NetBSD and OpenBSD ftpd exploit
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Interview with BSDi on proactive BSD/OS security
Paul Anderson from BSDi shares a variety of thoughts about BSD/OS security in the past and present and future plans.

OpenBSD 2.8 Security Fix 5
(Short news article; no by-line.)

OpenBSD 2.7 Security Fix 35
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Esoteric commands (part two)
Some more explanations and information about some uncommon or rarely-used utilities often installed on BSD systems.

BSDCon 2000: Choosing an OS for Network Appliances
Paul Evans spoke about why they chose BSD as their OS for their Venation products. This included a basic pros and cons of a few operating systems and covered some commercial issues and requirements.

I18N programming presentation at BSDCon
Lin, Kao and Wu review basic terminology, methods, ideas and suggestions for developing for internationalization support.

BSDCon 2000: Some of Wednesday's tracks
A quick overview of a few lectures at BSDCon including, Michael Lucas's Publishing BSD Articles, Robert Watson's DNSSEC, Wilfredo Sanchez's MacOS X, Warner Losh's Review of NEWCARD and Murray Stokely's Writing Secure Unix.

OpenBSD 2.7 Security Fix 30
(Short news article; no by-line.)

New FreeBSD Core Team elected
A new core team has been elected for FreeBSD. Its main responsibility is recruiting developers.

NetBSD at BSDCon 2000
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Two terabytes served in a day
A single FreeBSD-powered FTP server machine has surpassed a milestone of two terabytes of files downloaded per day.

Esoteric BSD commands
The miscellaneous BSD utilities range from from "[" (yes that's a command) and ac to znew and zzz with strange names such as zic, atactl, vgrind, chrtbl, usbhidctl, lookbib, crunchide, hpftodit and fsirand. This article briefly explores a few uncommonly-used BSD commands.

Xess under NetBSD
(See "Editor' Addition" after main article.)

FreeBSD 4.1 in release candidate mode
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Coming soon: a real-time OpenBSD?
RTMX O/S, a commercial version of OpenBSD with a full suite of POSIX real-time features, has been donated to the OpenBSD project.

Delegating superuser tasks with sudo
Sharing root authority with less risk by using sudo for allowing only certain root-only commands, restricting other commands and logging command activity.

Mounting Samba shares on your BSD system
Accessing remote SMB/CIFS services with Sharity-Light (previously known as rumba).

Speed surfing (Part 2)
"See the WWW" with w3m. The small package is jam-packed with features and capabilities including frames, mouse and SSL support.

Speed surfing (Part 1)
It's spelled L-I-N-K-S

Keeping track of your favorite ports
Customizable freshports website helps users keep up-to-date with FreeBSD ports.

An experience installing OpenBSD
A step-by-step journal of installing OpenBSD

AZ ELITE 17s win YBOA Western Regional Tournament
(Short news article; no by-line.)

'When she decides to take over -- she takes over'
As a freshman point guard, she leads Indiana in scoring.

Advertising with Web banner ads
A research paper.

Eight quick, easy and free steps to promote your website

Philadelphia Belles capture the Hautes deSeine Invitational Tournament in Paris
(Short news article; no by-line.)

Frequency Modulators
Published in Klipsun Magazine (print), December 1997.
(Also at

Also wrote editorials and articles for several newsletters and a few newspapers, and numerous press releases.

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