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Reed Media was founded in 1997 with an original focus in print newsletter publishing, online publishing (including related software design), and providing related internet hosting services.

Their founders have successfully had well over 1,000 news items published on-line and in print media, as well as on radio spots. For example, these items have included press releases and radio announcements for educational classes, sports publications, software products, and technical services; full technical articles; editorials; and various news bytes and brief announcements.

Reed Media (also known as Reed Publishing) has written, edited, and published numerous print and online newsletters and magazines, technical documentation, training courseware, sales letters, press releases, and various other documents.

We also edit, write, and publish books.

Today, continuing with the high technology angle, Reed Media provides media coverage services, including public relations planning, PR writing, arranging media interviews, and more.

Reed Media provides media relations services for established and emerging companies by helping them identify, measure and better manage public relations.

Reed Media works with their clients to plan the desired message, target audience and intended reaction -- and then implements these goals.

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