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pfSense Essentials:
The Complete Reference to the pfSense Internet Gateway and Firewall
by Jeremy C. Reed

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pfSense is a do-it-yourself, featureful, network utility appliance for deploying a firewall and router. It is commonly used in small offices and homes, as well as by many large organizations and in corporate environments. Powered by FreeBSD and open source software, it is known for its stability, solid performance, and its fast startup and operations.

The pfSense Essentials book is the complete reference to the pfSense Internet gateway and firewall. This book covers the entire web and console interface in detail and includes instructions on implementing network time service, VPN connections, captive portals, load balancers, VLANs, caching DNS service, traffic shaping, IPv6 configuration, schedule-based packet filtering, and much more. Every pfSense submenu feature is described. The book also covers many built-in settings that are not configurable. The book also emphasizes the several diagnostic interfaces for troubleshooting and understanding network and system behavior, including graphs, log monitoring, and network probes and traces. This book covers pfSense version 2.4.4 and includes features from older and newer versions.

This is the publisher's second pfSense book and is a completely new rewrite which introduces the many new features since 2009. For the old book covering pfSense 1.2, see here.

  • Price: US$28.99
  • Author: Jeremy C. Reed
  • ISBN: 978-1-937516-04-8
  • Pages: 478 (paperback)
  • Publishing Date: July 2019
  • Book dimensions: 7.44 x 9.68 inches
  • Cover/Book Photos

Purchase the pfSense Essentials book from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or your favorite book store.

About the Author

Jeremy C. Reed is a long-time BSD Unix enthusiast and professional. Reed has been managing BSD systems for over two decades. He has been a member of The NetBSD Foundation since 2003 and served on their corporate board for a decade. He co-founded and served on the BSD Certification Group, Inc. board. As a trainer, he has taught over a dozen professional BSD training courses and over 85 lectures covering various open source, network security, and Unix administration topics (including at BSD conferences). As an open source developer, he has contributed to many projects including Pkgsrc, Windowing System, DragonFly BSD, and ISC BIND9. As a software packager, he has created and maintained hundreds of packages. As a professional administrator, Reed has worked with various versions of BSD/OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. He has implemented and professionally maintained various *BSD servers providing services for thousands of DNS zones and websites and tens of thousands of email accounts.

Reed is also a co-author of Wiley's Beginning Unix and the BIND DNS Administration Reference books. He was also the founder and editor of the BSD Today online news site. He has been researching and conducting interviews related to BSD, Unix, and Internet history for over 10 years toward a book about the history of Berkeley Unix. For the past ten years, Reed has been professionally working as a software quality assurance engineer and release manager with a focus on DNS server technologies and Internet security. (See his QA work related to pfSense here.)


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Buy the pfSense Essentials book from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or your favorite book store.